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db gallery

What is DBGallery Object Recognition?

DBGallery Object Recognition is an online service that relies on Machine Learning algorithms to find and index objects in the images

How to detect objects in the image files?

  • 1

    Drag and drop your images in the upload box above

  • 2

    Upload and object detection will start automatically

  • 3

    Once the files are processed you'll see the list of recognized objects along the file name and thumbnail

db gallery
db gallery

How it works?

This image recognition service requires that your images are uploaded to Amazon's Rekognition. Those images may be kept on that service to help it learn and improve recognition but is not shared by third parties or used for any other purpose.

No signup or installation required

DBGallery Object Recognition is an online tool, so there is absolutely no software to install. This means your computer will not be cluttered by unwanted software.

Works in Windows, Mac, or Mobile

This online tool works regardless of your operating system. All you need is a bcs-rowser and an internet connection.

What file types are supported?

DBGallery supports the majority of image files formats and the maximum file size for upload is 10Mb

Do you store my files?

We'll keep your files on the server for 30 minutes and after that they will be deleted automatically.

Is there a file size limit?

Yes. Maximum upload size is 50Mb. We also reduce images to 5Mb or less before sending them to Amazon's Rekognition